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Add internal inventory check when creating a purchase order within a multi-location instance

When ordering parts, it's useful to know if you already have it in your inventory so you don't re-order it; RepairQ does this already, but it's limited to the location you're currently logged into. For example, a customer needs a part in Store A, ...
Kenneth Smith 4 months ago in Inventory 1 Needs review

Adding multiple UPC's to an item to have multiple supplier skus per item

No description provided
Guest 4 months ago in Inventory 1 Needs review

Adding image in new Purchase order

Currently we are able to upload the image to catalog items. Could you link the image to Purchase order? and make the images visible while placing or receiving the order?
Guest 5 months ago in Inventory 1 In Review

Scan inventory to receive on P.O.

When receiving large orders it would be nice to just be able to scan the sku and it be counted on the purchase order. So receive by just scanning the sku's. Time saver.
Jason Mohler 5 months ago in Inventory 2 In Review

Display Backordered Items on POs at the TOP OF THE SCREEN.

We often have Purchase Orders that contain items that are on backorder and once recevied should be directly placed in our workflow to notify the customer or to being work. From time to time we will overlook items that are designated to be pulled b...
Donald 6 months ago in Inventory 0 In Progress

SKU Generator

Hey! is there any way we could add a sku generator? It would be cool if when we add an item to the catalog like a phone or something if we could have an option for repairQ to auto generate a sku code for that item if we don't already have one. The...
Guest 7 months ago in Catalog / Inventory 0 In Review

Purchase Order, Items on Hold, Custom Label Printing

For our internal work flow we label all items on hold for customers. Currently we use a customer ticket label to identify who the item is on hold for. But we would like a more customizable label specifically for when we receive Purchase Orders wit...
Tim Leonhardi 7 months ago in Inventory / Printing 0 In Review

Print trade-in inventory

Ability to print inventory from the trade-in screen
Scott Davis 8 months ago in Inventory 1 Already exists

Internal Backordering from Location/Warehouse?

Being a multi-location business we sometimes order from a vendor to one location where as some of the order is to eventually be transferred to another location. The idea is to save on shipping cost since we can easily drive items back and fourth. ...
Drop Fixed over 2 years ago in Inventory 1 Already exists

Annual Inventory Count

Annual inventory counts are a must for retailers. Not only for inventory valuation, but also for inventory count accuracy. The ability to have multiple users simultaneously scan every single item in the store and submit those counts as JOINT count...
Tristan Seagraves over 2 years ago in Inventory 1 Future consideration