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Having an opening count till sheet

No description provided
Guest over 2 years ago in POS 0 Planned

Quotes: Pulling and assigning serial numbers should be optional

I would like to see the following modifications to the quote process. First, it should not pull inventory automatically. We do a lot of quotes with our current system that don't get ordered. That's not an issue because it has no impact on inventor...
Guest over 1 year ago in POS 1 In Review

Gift Cards

Anyone know if we have options to sell gift cards? - Joseph Tarzia
James Schellhorn over 2 years ago in POS 1 Already exists

Invoice UI

Can we see if we can get an option to click through invoice back to back using a button on RepairQ's UI? For example when viewing invoice #10, if I want to get to invoice #9 I can click an back direction arrow. thanks - Jayson Hadjadj https://www....
James Schellhorn over 2 years ago in POS 0 Will not implement