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Click to Pay by Square via Email and Qsite

Hopefully RQ will utilize the built in click to pay functionality with Square to allow us to email invoices directly to customers for simple remote payment. Even better would be if additionally when the customer goes to their status page via Qsite...
Kevin Byrne 10 months ago in Payments / Integrations 0 Needs review

Integration with PayPal Checkout

Would love to see an integration with PayPal Checkout. A QR code on the QPOP screen to be able to pay the balance would be neat!
Tristan Seagraves 10 months ago in Integrations / Payments 0 Needs review

Appstar Pax A920 payment integration

A customer is requesting a future integration with the company Appstar to take payments on Pax A920. The customer stated the rates are much cheaper than Bluefin and Haertland and the Pax device is wireless. ZD#58213
Guest about 1 year ago in Integrations / Payments 0 Needs review