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Multiple Vendor sku from the same vendor

It would be great to have a way to list multiple vendor sku or internal sku for the same product as some vendor have multiple sku for example iPhone 11 LCD replacement but we only list on item in the system for the iPhone 11 LCD replacement and we...
Pier-Luc Simard 3 months ago in Catalog 0 Needs review

SKU Generator

Hey! is there any way we could add a sku generator? It would be cool if when we add an item to the catalog like a phone or something if we could have an option for repairQ to auto generate a sku code for that item if we don't already have one. The...
Guest 7 months ago in Catalog / Inventory 0 In Review

Duplicate Catalog Items

We need to have the ability to duplicate catalog items.
Anthony Abbatello over 1 year ago in Catalog 4 Planned

Catalog Search Page does not search for Manufacturers as Keyword

A customer is requesting that the search engine for the Catalog Page look for Manufacturers when the Manufacturer is entered as a Keyword. For example: If the customer enters Huawei P30 in the search field in the Price Check feature, three results...
Guest over 2 years ago in Catalog 0 Planned

Exclude inactive catalog items

Make inventory detail exclude inactive catalog items by default. Make the inventory detail report include a column that shows active/inactive so you can filter by that once the report is exported
Scott Davis 8 months ago in Catalog 0 In Review

Non-discountable catalog items / item types

Add the option to make catalog items/item types non-discountable
Scott Davis 8 months ago in Catalog 0 In Review