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API / Backend

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Having RepairQ recognize ACCENTS instead of showing symbols or empty fields

As we use accents in the French language, it currently is a big problem as Repair either shows weird symbols instead of the accent letters OR simply show a blank. Our customer (and us!) would be really happy to see their names properly written on ...
Cindy Larrivée almost 2 years ago in API / Backend 1 Already exists

Ability to pull inventory and device detail through an external API

I am trying to create an application for my work, which uses RepairQ to manage inventory and device data. This application would pull device data from an external estimate request and compare it to our devices and inventory to generate a response ...
Guest 11 months ago in API / Backend 1 Already exists

Calendar integration

Build an integration to automatically adding appointments in repairq to a calendar of our choice? - Thomas Kirschbaum
James Schellhorn over 2 years ago in API / Backend / Integrations 0 Future consideration