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Staff Management

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Timesheet and terminated status

When changing a staff member to Terminated status, it should also uncheck the timesheet requirement as the staff member will still appear in the drop-down list if the timesheet requirement is still checked, even when in terminated status
Scott Davis 2 months ago in Staff Management 0 In Review

Show Employee Role on Staff Overview Screen, Rather Than List by Role

This helps the Support team be more efficient by seeing a role of a user without the extra clicks to edit their Staff Profile. (Admins and Accountants are easy to tell because of their visual marker.) An idea would be to add a column with a list o...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Staff Management 0 Planned

Hide Gross Profit from ticket view for select roles

Some owners have requested the option of hiding cost and gross profit from ticket views for select user roles. This idea would be to add a custom permission that if enabled would hide cost and gross profit from being shown when in a ticket or inve...
James Schellhorn almost 2 years ago in Staff Management 1 Future consideration