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Invoicing / Billing Agents

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Change customer on an open ticket (ourselves)

It is really cumbersome and time consuming to have to contact RepairQ support every time a ticket has been created under the wrong customer profile... For example, we deal with many schoolboards that have hundreds of different customers (schools a...
Cindy Larrivée almost 2 years ago in Invoicing / Billing Agents 0 In Progress

Make the COMPANY NAME field more visible AND NOT in the MISC section of the edit page

When a company ask to be identified on the invoice, they don't necessarily care about the first and last name of the person in charge... what they want to see IS the name and address of the company itself (mostly for accounting purposes). It makes...
Cindy Larrivée almost 2 years ago in Invoicing / Billing Agents 1 Future consideration

Ability to change the wording/title of documents ourselves

In RepairQ, "tickets" are basically what any other POS would call a "sales order" until it's invoiced and become an actual "invoice"... and "Billing Agents Invoices" are in fact what anyone else would call a statement of account. We do understand ...
Cindy Larrivée about 1 year ago in Invoicing / Billing Agents 1 In Review

Display credit limit on invoice

When a customer has a credit limit of say $400 and we create a new ticket for 100. On the invoice its only showing the credit limit but not the balance. Is there a way to let it show so the customer or us can see it ? - Jay Yusuf https://www.faceb...
James Schellhorn almost 3 years ago in Invoicing / Billing Agents 0 Future consideration