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Ability to pull inventory and device detail through an external API

I am trying to create an application for my work, which uses RepairQ to manage inventory and device data. This application would pull device data from an external estimate request and compare it to our devices and inventory to generate a response ...
Guest about 2 months ago in API / Backend 0 Needs review

Ability to change the wording/title of documents ourselves

In RepairQ, "tickets" are basically what any other POS would call a "sales order" until it's invoiced and become an actual "invoice"... and "Billing Agents Invoices" are in fact what anyone else would call a statement of account. We do understand ...
Cindy Larrivée 3 months ago in Invoicing / Billing Agents 0 Needs review

CRM Integration

From Zendesk: Have a Zendesk-like system integrated within RepairQ to handle incoming and outgoing emails for requests from companies, customers and clients. This would be helpful so you don't have to leave RepairQ to be able to answer email reque...
Anthony Abbatello 5 months ago in Integrations 0 Needs review

Duplicate Catalog Items

We need to have the ability to duplicate catalog items.
Anthony Abbatello 5 months ago in Catalog 0 Needs review

Adding the ability to respond to messages on social media platforms within RepairQ

A struggle that we have as a multi-unit operation is staying on top of many websites where customers may be messaging us. Google, Facebook and Instagram are the main ones. We can potentially miss a warm lead if we don't respond to them within just...
Hayden Faison 6 months ago in Integrations 0 Needs review

Quotes: Pulling and assigning serial numbers should be optional

I would like to see the following modifications to the quote process. First, it should not pull inventory automatically. We do a lot of quotes with our current system that don't get ordered. That's not an issue because it has no impact on inventor...
Guest 6 months ago in POS 0 Needs review

Ticket Notes should be Searchable

Ticket notes usually contain key information regarding a customer's repair and sale history. Many users have encountered a situation where they need to pull up a ticket, but they don't know any details for the ticket: customer name, phone number, ...
Guest 7 months ago in Tickets 0 Needs review

Ticket Queue - Keyword Search Information in the Items/Devices Column

Performing a search in the Ticket Queue does not reference results for the Item/Device field. You can search by a device's IMEI device only. This is very restricting for users who are relying on other context of a repair/sale to find a ticket. Sto...
Guest 7 months ago in Tickets 0 Needs review

WholeCell Integration

We need an ability to convert phones entered in via phonecheck to WholeCell into refurbishment tickets in repairQ to account for parts inventory / cost - and then back into WholeCell to update the price so we can list the phones for sale! Would sa...
Guest 7 months ago in Integrations 0 Needs review

Block out time for technician lunch on repair ticket queue

Ability to put in a blocked out period indicating technicians lunch break. So employees know not to schedule repairs due during that time.
Jason Mohler 8 months ago in Tickets 0 Needs review