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Multiple Vendor sku from the same vendor

It would be great to have a way to list multiple vendor sku or internal sku for the same product as some vendor have multiple sku for example iPhone 11 LCD replacement but we only list on item in the system for the iPhone 11 LCD replacement and we...
Pier-Luc Simard 10 days ago in Catalog 0 Needs review

Copy Print Template Settings

For multi-location users, it would be incredibly beneficial to introduce options in the templates section that allows for the application of template settings across all locations or to copy settings from another location, similar to what is avail...
Guest 18 days ago in Settings / Configuration 1 Needs review

Consolidating Line Items for Quantity Adjustments of the Same Sku

We encountered this issue while selling a customer approximately 300 cases of the same SKU. When creating a quick sale ticket, we added the SKU using the lookup feature and changed the quantity to 300 to add it to the ticket. However, for some rea...
Guest 18 days ago in Tickets 1 Planned

Add internal inventory check when creating a purchase order within a multi-location instance

When ordering parts, it's useful to know if you already have it in your inventory so you don't re-order it; RepairQ does this already, but it's limited to the location you're currently logged into. For example, a customer needs a part in Store A, ...
Kenneth Smith about 1 month ago in Inventory 1 Needs review

Scan inventory to receive on P.O.

When receiving large orders it would be nice to just be able to scan the sku and it be counted on the purchase order. So receive by just scanning the sku's. Time saver.
Jason Mohler 2 months ago in Inventory 2 In Review

Improving Efficiency in Providing Access to Customer and Inventory Information to Staff Across All Locations

For multi-location users, there is a pressing need for improved options to facilitate the sharing of customer and inventory information across all users operating in different locations. The current process allows staff to be designated as invoici...
Guest 18 days ago in Staff Management 2 Needs review

Appointment window settings

This is specifically important for CPR stores but I believe that other RepairQ user will find this beneficial - We need more flexibility in the appointment general setting. We need to be able to select if we want to have the same setting for all d...
Karen Litteken about 2 months ago in Settings / Configuration 1 In Review

Display Backordered Items on POs at the TOP OF THE SCREEN.

We often have Purchase Orders that contain items that are on backorder and once recevied should be directly placed in our workflow to notify the customer or to being work. From time to time we will overlook items that are designated to be pulled b...
Donald 4 months ago in Inventory 0 In Progress

Highlighting "credit" button if customer has a store credit available

It would be very helpful if the "credit" button was highlighted/bolded/colored if a customer has a store credit available instead of having to click on the button to check for each and every customer that we see in a given day.
Guest 4 months ago in Payments 1 In Review

Orphaned Transactions Report

Since this seems to be an unresolvable issue. We need to be able to pull all Orphaned Transactions in one report instead of searching each days reconciliation report for them or whatever other idea you have to help make resolving those issues easier.
Alexander Buehler about 1 month ago in Payments 0 Needs review