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SKU Generator

Hey! is there any way we could add a sku generator? It would be cool if when we add an item to the catalog like a phone or something if we could have an option for repairQ to auto generate a sku code for that item if we don't already have one. The...
Guest 4 months ago in Catalog / Inventory 0 In Review

Add "Internal" supplier to Inventory Reorder Required report to match the PO Import functionality

Purchase order imports now support Internal suppliers (selecting "Internal" or "Read From File" triggers the Supplier Location selection to appear). When you have an import file with "Internal" in the Supplier column, and the name of the store wit...
Kenneth Smith about 1 month ago in Import / Export 0 Needs review

Auto logout

Can we please have an option to turn on auto logout. Have it automatically logout after a transaction and/or after so much time.
Jason Mohler 3 months ago in  2 Needs review

Purchase Order, Items on Hold, Custom Label Printing

For our internal work flow we label all items on hold for customers. Currently we use a customer ticket label to identify who the item is on hold for. But we would like a more customizable label specifically for when we receive Purchase Orders wit...
Tim Leonhardi 4 months ago in Inventory / Printing 0 In Review

Adding multiple UPC's to an item to have multiple supplier skus per item

No description provided
Guest about 2 months ago in Inventory 1 Needs review

Receive Purchase Order Inventory by Scanning Items

Allow users to scan inventory on the PO edit screen to receive it. Receiving everything by manually entering quantities is a long process for big orders and mixed product. Something related to the 'begin count' function of an inventory count. Scan...
Guest over 2 years ago in Inventory 0 In Progress

Multi-Location Ecommerce Integration

Create an integration between RepairQ and Shopify so that a repair store customer can browse the ecommerce site and place orders with the option to buy available stock and pickup in store. (SM)
James Schellhorn over 2 years ago in Integrations 6 Future consideration

Appointment report default view

Would it be possible to get the ability to set a default view when opening the appointment report page and the ability to hit a refresh button on that particular view. For example I like to view the appointments for the week rather than a whole lo...
Karen Litteken 2 months ago in Settings / Configuration 1 In Review

Adding image in new Purchase order

Currently we are able to upload the image to catalog items. Could you link the image to Purchase order? and make the images visible while placing or receiving the order?
Guest 2 months ago in Inventory 1 In Review

Annual Inventory Count

Annual inventory counts are a must for retailers. Not only for inventory valuation, but also for inventory count accuracy. The ability to have multiple users simultaneously scan every single item in the store and submit those counts as JOINT count...
Tristan Seagraves about 2 years ago in Inventory 1 Future consideration