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Change wording from "Pin" To "Pin/Password".

Clients are concerned that they can only use small numerical Pins instead of any Alphanumeric Passwords, which they can do. I think re-wording the areas in RepairQ where a Pin is entered would help clarify that they can use a more secure password.
Guest 11 months ago in Tickets 0 Needs review

Multi-Location Ecommerce Integration

Create an integration between RepairQ and Shopify so that a repair store customer can browse the ecommerce site and place orders with the option to buy available stock and pickup in store. (SM)
James Schellhorn over 1 year ago in Integrations 3 In R&D

Ability to deactivate unused or mistakenly created customer profiles

Being able (for admin levels) to delete customer profiles that have been created by mistake (profiles that do NOT contain any transactions/tickets), would be a fantastic option. And being able to deactivate (making the profile/account viewable onl...
Cindy Larrivée 6 months ago in CRM 0 Needs review


Commissions reporting should be the #1 best ROI for repairQ subscibers. A simple 1st gen report is long due. We can later worry about fine tuning it and adding features, but I request RepairQ creates a report that can be filtered employee and cate...
Pedro Ferrer 11 months ago in Reporting 0 Needs review

Change customer on an open ticket (ourselves)

It is really cumbersome and time consuming to have to contact RepairQ support every time a ticket has been created under the wrong customer profile... For example, we deal with many schoolboards that have hundreds of different customers (schools a...
Cindy Larrivée 7 months ago in Invoicing / Billing Agents 0 In R&D

Quotes: Pulling and assigning serial numbers should be optional

I would like to see the following modifications to the quote process. First, it should not pull inventory automatically. We do a lot of quotes with our current system that don't get ordered. That's not an issue because it has no impact on inventor...
Guest about 1 month ago in POS 0 Needs review

Show Employee Role on Staff Overview Screen, Rather Than List by Role

This helps the Support team be more efficient by seeing a role of a user without the extra clicks to edit their Staff Profile. (Admins and Accountants are easy to tell because of their visual marker.) An idea would be to add a column with a list o...
Guest 11 months ago in Staff Management 0 Needs review

Click to Pay by Square via Email and Qsite

Hopefully RQ will utilize the built in click to pay functionality with Square to allow us to email invoices directly to customers for simple remote payment. Even better would be if additionally when the customer goes to their status page via Qsite...
Kevin Byrne 10 months ago in Payments / Integrations 0 Needs review

Allowing staff to see notification reports for validation of sent content

It would be really useful for lower level users (staff without admin or management access) to be able to SEE (NOT edit, NOT cancel, just SEE) the notification queue from the report section. With a "view only" access to this report, for their own l...
Cindy Larrivée 7 months ago in Settings / Configuration 0 Needs review

require a serial number on ticket

Give stores the option to require SN on ticket
Scott Davis 11 months ago in Tickets 0 Planned