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Allow Custom Forms inputs to populate on the invoice

Specifically, if we build an intake functionality checklist, we'd like to be able to show those results on the invoice instead of printing it separately
Guest 10 months ago in Tickets 0 Needs review

Having RepairQ recognize ACCENTS instead of showing symbols or empty fields

As we use accents in the French language, it currently is a big problem as Repair either shows weird symbols instead of the accent letters OR simply show a blank. Our customer (and us!) would be really happy to see their names properly written on ...
Cindy Larrivée 6 months ago in API / Backend 0 Needs review

Make the COMPANY NAME field more visible AND NOT in the MISC section of the edit page

When a company ask to be identified on the invoice, they don't necessarily care about the first and last name of the person in charge... what they want to see IS the name and address of the company itself (mostly for accounting purposes). It makes...
Cindy Larrivée 6 months ago in Invoicing / Billing Agents 0 Needs review

Allow for a phone number to be used in multiple customer profiles

We often have companies that have multiples locations or divisions, but are managed by the same person (for account payables, for example). Currently, RepairQ doesn't allow to use the same phone number in 2 different customer profiles, which is re...
Cindy Larrivée 6 months ago in CRM 0 Needs review

Checkbox for "Customer declined to provide email address"

When a customer doesn't want to provide an email address, it would save a lot of time to have an option "Refused" that we could check/uncheck. When checked, that would automatically fill the email mandatory field with a generic email address (ex.:...
Cindy Larrivée 6 months ago in CRM 0 Needs review

Hide Gross Profit from ticket view for select roles

Some owners have requested the option of hiding cost and gross profit from ticket views for select user roles. This idea would be to add a custom permission that if enabled would hide cost and gross profit from being shown when in a ticket or inve...
James Schellhorn 11 months ago in Staff Management 0 Needs review

Adding a pin pattern to the passcode section

Adding a pin pattern to the passcode section
Guest over 1 year ago in Tickets 0 Needs review

WholeCell Integration

We need an ability to convert phones entered in via phonecheck to WholeCell into refurbishment tickets in repairQ to account for parts inventory / cost - and then back into WholeCell to update the price so we can list the phones for sale! Would sa...
Guest 2 months ago in Integrations 0 Needs review

Shipping integration to notify customers when packages are shipped out and of their tracking number.

Integrate to RepairQ. From here, create automated notifications to send to customers when packages are shipped + tracking number, whether it be parts ordered or mail-in repairs.
Guest 10 months ago in Integrations 1 Needs review

Add mobile support to RepairQ

Currently, RepairQ works best on a computer with Chrome. It could be helpful to come clients to be able to operate with a mobile browser as well.
Guest 11 months ago in Misc / Other 1 Needs review