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Show Employee Role on Staff Overview Screen, Rather Than List by Role

This helps the Support team be more efficient by seeing a role of a user without the extra clicks to edit their Staff Profile. (Admins and Accountants are easy to tell because of their visual marker.) An idea would be to add a column with a list o...
Guest about 2 years ago in Staff Management 0 Planned

Adding a pin pattern to the passcode section

Adding a pin pattern to the passcode section
Guest over 2 years ago in Tickets 2 Will not implement

Ability to deactivate unused or mistakenly created customer profiles

Being able (for admin levels) to delete customer profiles that have been created by mistake (profiles that do NOT contain any transactions/tickets), would be a fantastic option. And being able to deactivate (making the profile/account viewable onl...
Cindy Larrivée almost 2 years ago in CRM 1 Already exists

Notifications on dashboard about updates on tickets you are working on.

for instance, I have a tech working on a device. They have put it aside for an approval. The customer approves. We put the device back in line. It would be nice to have a notification in repairq that a ticket was updated. Then they can go read the...
Sandra Nunley over 1 year ago in Misc / Other 0 In Review

Change customer on an open ticket (ourselves)

It is really cumbersome and time consuming to have to contact RepairQ support every time a ticket has been created under the wrong customer profile... For example, we deal with many schoolboards that have hundreds of different customers (schools a...
Cindy Larrivée almost 2 years ago in Invoicing / Billing Agents 0 In Progress

Hide Gross Profit from ticket view for select roles

Some owners have requested the option of hiding cost and gross profit from ticket views for select user roles. This idea would be to add a custom permission that if enabled would hide cost and gross profit from being shown when in a ticket or inve...
James Schellhorn about 2 years ago in Staff Management 1 Future consideration

Duplicate Catalog Items

We need to have the ability to duplicate catalog items.
Anthony Abbatello about 1 year ago in Catalog 4 Planned

Ticket Notes should be Searchable

Ticket notes usually contain key information regarding a customer's repair and sale history. Many users have encountered a situation where they need to pull up a ticket, but they don't know any details for the ticket: customer name, phone number, ...
Guest over 1 year ago in Tickets 0 In Review

Display pricing underneath service options in QSite

In it’s current implementation, the customer would need to pick what service they’d like, then taken to the following page where they need to fill out their contact information before they’re shown any kind of pricing. (if the company has enabled ...
Guest 4 months ago in Qsite 0 Future consideration

Allow Custom Forms inputs to populate on the invoice

Specifically, if we build an intake functionality checklist, we'd like to be able to show those results on the invoice instead of printing it separately
Guest about 2 years ago in Tickets 0 Planned