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Block out time for technician lunch on repair ticket queue

Ability to put in a blocked out period indicating technicians lunch break. So employees know not to schedule repairs due during that time.
Jason Mohler 3 months ago in Tickets 0 Needs review

Move/Add Support Options to Easily Viewable Areas

Currently, the Support options for users are at the very bottom of the page in very small font. This link is mostly overlooked by users. We want to make sure that customers are aware of the self-help options that we provide before calling in or se...
Guest 11 months ago in Settings / Configuration 0 Needs review

On custom forms make it more identifiable where customers need to sign

No description provided
Britt Bay 10 months ago in Qpop 1 Needs review

Add an attachment option for announcements on the dashboard

Mobile Klinik
Guest 7 months ago in Settings / Configuration 0 Needs review

Trade-In counter credit items

When building a trade-in ticket, many times the original price to pay may need to be reduced because of damage or missing equipment - like a missing power cable. It would be ideal to be able to write in the 'retail' trade-in price then attach coun...
James Schellhorn over 1 year ago in Tickets 0 Needs review

Transfers vs POs

The language in RepairQ can sometimes be inconsistent and confusing. Case in point is Transfers. Sometimes called a transfer, sometimes called a internal transfer, sometimes an internal PO. Would be nice to make one convention and then make it eas...
James Schellhorn over 1 year ago in Inventory 0 Needs review

Color Coding Customers by Behavior - Mr. Fixit Repair

(copied from Zendesk) I would like a way to color code customers. (example: red might mean problem or issue customer. Green meaning Customer is in good standing with the store or business. I would recommend more colors so stores can set the mean i...
Guest about 1 year ago in Tickets 1 Needs review

Filter tickets by resolutions status

This would help staff to create more detailed viewings by having the ability to sort by resolution in order to better manage repair operations and help improve customer experience
Britt Bay 10 months ago in Tickets 0 Needs review

Integration with PayPal Checkout

Would love to see an integration with PayPal Checkout. A QR code on the QPOP screen to be able to pay the balance would be neat!
Tristan Seagraves 10 months ago in Integrations / Payments 0 Needs review

Trade-in price managed in the catalog

Today, trade-in pricing is managed outside RepairQ. Most shops that offer to trade or buy, have a spreadsheet or calculator maintained by management that they must follow - preset price. Ideally the results of a managers price setting could be inp...
James Schellhorn over 1 year ago in Tickets 0 Needs review