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On custom forms make it more identifiable where customers need to sign

No description provided
Britt Bay over 1 year ago in Qpop 2 In Review

Color Coding Customers by Behavior - Mr. Fixit Repair

(copied from Zendesk) I would like a way to color code customers. (example: red might mean problem or issue customer. Green meaning Customer is in good standing with the store or business. I would recommend more colors so stores can set the mean i...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Tickets 2 Will not implement

Ability to pull inventory and device detail through an external API

I am trying to create an application for my work, which uses RepairQ to manage inventory and device data. This application would pull device data from an external estimate request and compare it to our devices and inventory to generate a response ...
Guest 8 months ago in API / Backend 1 Already exists

Require Customer Information on Quick Sales tickets

Would like the option to disable/enable *require* customer on quick sale tickets.
Rafael Chelli over 1 year ago in Settings / Configuration 0 In Review

Ability to change the wording/title of documents ourselves

In RepairQ, "tickets" are basically what any other POS would call a "sales order" until it's invoiced and become an actual "invoice"... and "Billing Agents Invoices" are in fact what anyone else would call a statement of account. We do understand ...
Cindy Larrivée 9 months ago in Invoicing / Billing Agents 1 In Review

Filter and sort tickets by resolutions status

This would help staff to create more detailed viewings by having the ability to sort by resolution in order to better manage repair operations and help improve customer experience
Britt Bay over 1 year ago in Tickets 1 In Review

Integration with PayPal Checkout

Would love to see an integration with PayPal Checkout. A QR code on the QPOP screen to be able to pay the balance would be neat!
Tristan Seagraves almost 2 years ago in Integrations / Payments 0 Future consideration

Internal Backordering from Location/Warehouse?

Being a multi-location business we sometimes order from a vendor to one location where as some of the order is to eventually be transferred to another location. The idea is to save on shipping cost since we can easily drive items back and fourth. ...
Drop Fixed almost 2 years ago in Inventory 1 Already exists

CRM Integration

From Zendesk: Have a Zendesk-like system integrated within RepairQ to handle incoming and outgoing emails for requests from companies, customers and clients. This would be helpful so you don't have to leave RepairQ to be able to answer email reque...
Anthony Abbatello 11 months ago in Integrations 0 Future consideration

Create PO from inventory list

From the inventory lists, allow a user the ability to select multiple items and bulk add to a PO. Managers use the inventory list with filters to determine what to buy. Rather than adding each manually from the new PO screen, I'd like to recommend...
Chelsea Williams almost 2 years ago in Inventory 0 Future consideration