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Call tracking

Is there anyway to have RepairQ integrate with my phone for call tracking? - Carl Burfiend[0]=AZX6AdXsz_b9kOs6MWkisPJMAXf7-mMQUF71tKUhk0x7QokCQg5mChedgOrG0noE7pmk...
James Schellhorn over 1 year ago in CRM 0 Needs review

Redesign the Reports page / menus

No description provided
Guest 11 months ago in Reporting 0 Needs review

Internal Backordering from Location/Warehouse?

Being a multi-location business we sometimes order from a vendor to one location where as some of the order is to eventually be transferred to another location. The idea is to save on shipping cost since we can easily drive items back and fourth. ...
Drop Fixed 12 months ago in Inventory 0 Needs review

Standardize Settings page design

Standardize titles, descriptions, headings, sub-headings. Include a Knowledge Base link. Include a search box to search within that Settings page.
Scott Davis about 1 year ago in Settings / Configuration 0 Needs review

Search settings

As a user with access to Settings, I can search for a Setting, e.g. "Custom Forms" or "Tax Rates" and see a list of Settings search results I can click on to open that Settings page.
Guest about 1 year ago in Settings / Configuration 0 Needs review

Appstar Pax A920 payment integration

A customer is requesting a future integration with the company Appstar to take payments on Pax A920. The customer stated the rates are much cheaper than Bluefin and Haertland and the Pax device is wireless. ZD#58213
Guest about 1 year ago in Integrations / Payments 0 Needs review

Update sizing of Qsite Status

As seen in attached photo, Qsite Status notes do not accomodate photos correctly. The status window needs to accomdate photos when they are inserted into notes.
Scott Davis about 1 year ago in Qsite 0

Return Repair process needs to be changed

Return Repairs are difficult for the customer in many ways- taxes are not always correctly formulated, and if a customer wants to do a partial refund to the customer for having to do a return repair, (specifically for a 2nd return repair where the...
Guest about 1 year ago in Tickets 0 Future consideration

Adding tech name in printable notes section

No description provided
Guest over 1 year ago in Printing 0 Needs review

explain to user what will happen if they a catalog item tied to active inventory

Product task: Confluence: Bug report: If you deactivate a catalog item it doesn’t clear out the open inventory items. Any inventory that’s work in progress (including back-ordered) would still b...
James Schellhorn over 1 year ago in Catalog 0 Needs review