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Report Totals

So, I was looking through "Sales by Catalog Item" and noticed the last line item doesn't have its own "Totals" row and instead the "Page Totals" is in its place, forcing me to count that manually. It's not a massive problem but it is a bit surpris...
James Schellhorn over 1 year ago in Reporting 0 Needs review

Display credit limit on invoice

When a customer has a credit limit of say $400 and we create a new ticket for 100. On the invoice its only showing the credit limit but not the balance. Is there a way to let it show so the customer or us can see it ? - Jay Yusuf https://www.faceb...
James Schellhorn over 1 year ago in Invoicing / Billing Agents 0 Needs review


When will be able to add Gratuity/tips to tickets? James Elias And it be a royalty exempt line item - Justin Fanelli
James Schellhorn over 1 year ago in POS 0 Needs review

Gift Cards

Anyone know if we have options to sell gift cards? - Joseph Tarzia
James Schellhorn over 1 year ago in POS 1 Already exists

Invoice UI

Can we see if we can get an option to click through invoice back to back using a button on RepairQ's UI? For example when viewing invoice #10, if I want to get to invoice #9 I can click an back direction arrow. thanks - Jayson Hadjadj https://www....
James Schellhorn over 1 year ago in POS 0 Needs review

Access Ticket Properties in Ticket Edit

As a Tech user, access and interact with the Ticket Properties modal while ticket is in Ticket Edit mode. Shops with more complex workflows use these properties as part of their workflow and prefer to be able to update these properties while editi...
James Schellhorn over 1 year ago in Tickets 0 Needs review

Update Tech Role Permissions - Catalog Viewing

As a tech, view where an item is (i.e. bin) by viewing a catalog. (Currently tech user can only view location of an item if item is added to a ticket.)
James Schellhorn over 1 year ago in Staff Management 0 Needs review

Update to Ticket Properties

The problem: Some locations use “In Possession” heavily, and going into the editing window for tickets every time to update the status is tedious. The proposed solution: Add the option to add the setting (and other various settings as needed) into...
Scott Davis over 1 year ago in Tickets 0 Future consideration