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Status Needs review
Created by James Schellhorn
Created on Jan 19, 2021

Display credit limit on invoice

When a customer has a credit limit of say $400 and we create a new ticket for 100. On the invoice its only showing the credit limit but not the balance. Is there a way to let it show so the customer or us can see it ? - Jay Yusuf[0]=AZV6iAm3nbkDGuTegurPNRXYnDXdW4BlA8L0FBZF54QhJVpuvxW7GIMVnbkSfEk61GkLNKgTOJoQfMTOUtBTMpyRWRW3ahPFX8eP_y4yKEdOokuwVp_gzfn3DZ_aTiafEWqjL9dc7KJfmxJ7_EpUbDqFZ5Ebfegie934UJYaNlMwZs2k1Pgj5_k0WKMr8oAHVXE&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

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