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Created by James Schellhorn
Created on Jan 20, 2021

Report Totals

So, I was looking through "Sales by Catalog Item" and noticed the last line item doesn't have its own "Totals" row and instead the "Page Totals" is in its place, forcing me to count that manually. It's not a massive problem but it is a bit surprising and annoying. - Art Tishchuk[0]=AZWsLfgf4L7sTXSx_W2HdjX6Ord9oXaEX573T9l4UBbxqQBGRFiSdpiXw9Z9r9pBT-DWoMryomehCgn4FkfAXk3fWhXeOKb7sRw7HWWEdV080J5lbqoU8Jgs7Vz85TSIldaanWEYsPcnyQ0smcsRGF5INketrivbpnejx47MwWWTy_twl17mEjLSA2XDJz6BJrw&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

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