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Created on May 4, 2022

Ticket Queue - Keyword Search Information in the Items/Devices Column

Performing a search in the Ticket Queue does not reference results for the Item/Device field. You can search by a device's IMEI device only. This is very restricting for users who are relying on other context of a repair/sale to find a ticket.

Stores may not always remember a customer's name or have the IMEI of the device on-hand when trying to search old tickets for research. However, they do remember the device that was repaired or the item sold out on a ticket. This would greatly help the customer retrieve more data when trying to keyword search their queue. This would include any labor/services also performed on a ticket, since this information is listed under that field. If the field is visible, it should be searchable by keyword.

Currently, if you want to search an inventoried item that was sold out on a ticket, you have to scope the Inventory Details page to sold status, a time frame, and then search the keyword. It's a backward way of looking up a ticket if you remember what you sold the customer but not their contact details.

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