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Created by Guest
Created on May 19, 2022

Quotes: Pulling and assigning serial numbers should be optional

I would like to see the following modifications to the quote process.

First, it should not pull inventory automatically. We do a lot of quotes with our current system that don't get ordered. That's not an issue because it has no impact on inventory. With RepairQ I have to go back into quotes and remove the items from the quotes in order to make them available.

Second, it should not require a serial number to create a quote. Same solution as above but it's busy work that shouldn't be needed.

Third, when I convert a quote to a sales ticket or repair it should not auto assign a serial number if one wasn't entered(when it's at approved status). When I have 100 of an item that would be onerous to go through and find the one that was assigned. As it works now I have to remove the serialized items and re-add them to the ticket to use the serial number I want to use. This I would ideally see just go away or at least be able to turn it off. I can see this causing problems down the line if we continue to use RepairQ.

All of these issues could be solved by simply making it a toggle to say pull inventory. The key thing this system isn't taking into account is that most quotes are not converted to orders.

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