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Created by Guest
Created on Mar 29, 2021

Can Qsite be included in the trial?

Seems like Qsite is not available or hard to find and use in the trial. Can we make it more widely available so users have a better idea of the benefits it provides?

"We are currently with RepairShoprr, we make use of the customer portal as we repair items for local authorities, (councils) we need something that can allow us to allow the council engineers an area where they can log tickets on behalf of schools. That is more of a B2B transaction. We'd also like to make use of that to integrate it with our website for the retail users. When I logged into your platform I noticed that that feature you call Qsite would be the area that I'd need to look further into. but I wasn't able to test it as it didn't come with the free trial I was offered, in addition, I noticed the pricing, it's rather a lot more than what we are already paying."

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