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Created by James Schellhorn
Created on Jul 29, 2021

Create a new catalog item while in Ticket or PO screens

Certain users may wish to create items while not actively managing the catalog. The most common use cases being:
1) while adding items to a ticket
2) while adding items to a purchase order

Use Cases:
This could help support a few common scenarios in a shop, where the current method for creating catalog items is a bit cumbersome including:1. I wish to purchase a customer-owned item not in RepairQ yet2. I wish to repair an item, not in RepairQ yet3. I wish to sell an item (in particular a unique part) not in RepairQ yet4. Purchasing new items and recording them on a PO for the first time.

Configuration / Permissions:
While many users may wish to allow creation at any time, by any roles, across an organization; it is possible that some owners/administrators may wish to place restrictions on who, when, and where items may be created. Therefore the feature should be supported with optional configuration to disable or enable the ability for items to be created, by role, in areas other than the traditional catalog management, as well as directing whether the new item shall be made available to all locations or be unique the location it was created in.

Reporting and Management:
Finally, it maybe helpful for managers to understand when items were created, by whom, and why. Therefore we should provide more options for management reporting within the catalog items list, so that they can routinely go look for new items, and determine if they would like to retain them, merge them with another item, or disable them all together.

    Jul 29, 2021

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