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Status Needs review
Categories Inventory
Created by Tristan Seagraves
Created on Aug 18, 2021

Annual Inventory Count

Annual inventory counts are a must for retailers. Not only for inventory valuation, but also for inventory count accuracy. The ability to have multiple users simultaneously scan every single item in the store and submit those counts as JOINT counts, not separate counts would be a huge upgrade to the current count process.

Currently when Employee A scans QTY 3 of SKU "1234" and Employee B scans QTY 5 of SKU "1234" the assigned manager is presented with two counts, and has to choose which count is accurate; QTY 3 OR QTY 5. When in fact the correct count is QTY 8, 3+5.

Would love to see an "Annual Inventory Count" option. Willing to provide advice on how to implement this effectively. I am sure many retail/repair environments would appreciate this feature.

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