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Duplicate Catalog Items

We need to have the ability to duplicate catalog items.
Anthony Abbatello 7 months ago in Catalog 0 Needs review

Create a new catalog item while in Ticket or PO screens

Idea: Certain users may wish to create items while not actively managing the catalog. The most common use cases being: 1) while adding items to a ticket2) while adding items to a purchase order Use Cases: This could help support a few common scena...
James Schellhorn over 1 year ago in Catalog 0

Catalog Search Page does not search for Manufacturers as Keyword

A customer is requesting that the search engine for the Catalog Page look for Manufacturers when the Manufacturer is entered as a Keyword. For example: If the customer enters Huawei P30 in the search field in the Price Check feature, three results...
Guest over 1 year ago in Catalog 0 Needs review

explain to user what will happen if they a catalog item tied to active inventory

Product task: Confluence: Bug report: If you deactivate a catalog item it doesn’t clear out the open inventory items. Any inventory that’s work in progress (including back-ordered) would still b...
James Schellhorn almost 2 years ago in Catalog 0 Needs review