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Ability to deactivate unused or mistakenly created customer profiles

Being able (for admin levels) to delete customer profiles that have been created by mistake (profiles that do NOT contain any transactions/tickets), would be a fantastic option. And being able to deactivate (making the profile/account viewable onl...
Cindy Larrivée 11 months ago in CRM 0 Needs review

Allow for a phone number to be used in multiple customer profiles

We often have companies that have multiples locations or divisions, but are managed by the same person (for account payables, for example). Currently, RepairQ doesn't allow to use the same phone number in 2 different customer profiles, which is re...
Cindy Larrivée 12 months ago in CRM 0 Needs review

Checkbox for "Customer declined to provide email address"

When a customer doesn't want to provide an email address, it would save a lot of time to have an option "Refused" that we could check/uncheck. When checked, that would automatically fill the email mandatory field with a generic email address (ex.:...
Cindy Larrivée 12 months ago in CRM 0 Needs review

Call tracking

Is there anyway to have RepairQ integrate with my phone for call tracking? - Carl Burfiend[0]=AZX6AdXsz_b9kOs6MWkisPJMAXf7-mMQUF71tKUhk0x7QokCQg5mChedgOrG0noE7pmk...
James Schellhorn almost 2 years ago in CRM 0 Needs review